Marquette Tags

Tag Mike on Bridge, photo captured by Kim Nixon

Mike Hainstock is the founder and administer of Marquette This Week at Flickr. He came up with a great theme this week:

“Do you see others taking pictures around you? I thought that it might be fun to see who else is out and about taking pictures this week. It might make for some nice introductions. Who can you catch? “

Well I caught Mike on the bridge above–tag!

That was fun, but the graffiti tags ruining a fine piece of Marquette history was no fun. Graffiti in the inner city seems like an art-form, but here in nature above the Dead River it is out of place. I want to be thinking of flowing water, fish, birds, get all zen.

To the artists of these tags I want to say, “I am sad.” I find your expression out of place on this overpass, and on this old bridge. I will gladly buy you some other art supplies to keep you busy.

Graffiti Series, Photo by Kim Nixon

Graffiti Series, Photo by Kim Nixon

Graffiti Series, Photo by Kim Nixon

Graffiti Series, Photo by Kim Nixon

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  1. Your shot of the bridge is beautiful, but I agree that there is a clear juxtaposition with the graffiti and nature. Great work and even better commentary!

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